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Orca Whale Watching Seattle

Depart from Seattle by car,
drive to Anacortes and take the
ferry over to the island or use our Seattle Whale Plane Package

Orca Watching Tour on San Juan, 90 miles north of Seattle

Whale Watching by Seattle . . . Orca (Killer) whales are beautiful creatures and a sight to behold in the wild.
San Juan Safaris offers Orca (killer) watching tours departing from Lake Union Seattle and the San Juan Islands, just north of Seattle, Washington.
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San Juan Safaris Orca watching tours offers a beautiful excursion out in nature with a personal touch we offer a fast, modern and comfortable boat with blankets and free use of binoculars.

We are confident that no other whale watching company sees whales more frequently than we do our sighting percentage is 90% or better! Our new whale watching boat (The Sea Lion) is a comfortable, 55 foot, fast, safe and built specifically for wildlife viewing.

Our crew is eager to share insights about whales and interact with guests about the Orcas, the surrounding areas, or other wildlife in the region. We limit our orca tours to only 40 or fewer guests aboard to ensure that there is plenty of room at the rails for everyone and guests are free to move around comfortably and safely.

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Orca Watching Tour from Seattle: If you are in the city and are craving excitement,
orca watching tours are an easy day trip from Seattle, WA. Seattle to San Juan Island is easily done in only 40 minutes by plane.! Some guests also choose to depart from Seattle by car, drive to Anacortes, and take the ferry over to the island.

Questions? Call us now 360-378-1323 or 800-450-6858. Our Whale Watching office is open daily in season 8 AM to 8 PM Pacific Time.

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